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I post a lot of literature. Maybe I should draw more.

    A storm rumbled in the skies over the floating island village of Elysium. It was just evening and the place was more quiet than usual. A few residence were out in the market running last minute errands and purchasing the handmade goods of the shop keepers. The din of the rain was only interrupted by an occasional crack of thunder. Even though the storm prevented most of the activities of the villagers,the members of Elysium’s Guard still did their rounds as normal.

          Thunder crashed again as a large red dragon and his rider landed under the cover of the landing grounds at the Guard’s quarters. The young Guard dismounted his dragon and removed his cloak and then unsaddled his dragon. A boy helped the young man and the boy went to care for the drenched saddle.

          Water spattered everywhere as the dragon shook the water from himself like a dog. He snorted and smoke billowed from his nostrils. I hate doing patrols in the rain. Complained the dragon, using the speech of the mind that dragons used. He began to preen his feathered wings. Sometimes I think Sepias has us do rounds in the rain on purpose. I hoped that after we graduated from Guard training we would get better shifts.

          “Master wouldn’t have us do anything he thinks we couldn’t handle,” replied the young man. “Besides, Zelgius, you’re one of the best fliers in the village. Not many dragons can fly in the rain as well as you.”

          Zelgius snorted in disdain. I suppose you’re right. The dragon’s stomach growled. Caelum, can we go get dinner now, please? He nuzzled against his rider’s belly and purred happily. Caelum laughed at his dragon and nodded.

          The young man and his dragon walked into the large building that held the dining hall. The pair grabbed their meal and found a table with their two friends; another bonded pair of boy and dragon. The other boy smiled wide when he saw Caelum and Zelgius sit down.

          “Got caught doing another patrol in the rain, eh Cael?” The boy said slyly, elbowing his friend.

          Caelum chuckled. “Yeah, we did, and Zelgius complained the whole time.” The red dragon looked up from his meal and narrowed his eyes at his partner. “What about you, Fidus? Did you and Cornus have a shift today?”

          His friend shook his head. We were lucky enough to have the day off. Cornus said. The blue dragon groaned. I’m pretty sure Sepias is going to give us the early round tomorrow, though.

          The friends continued to chat over their meal as the storm loomed outside. Something outside the window caught his attention. As the lightning flashed, he saw the silhouette of a large dragon and rider. There aren’t supposed to be any rounds out right now… He thought to himself. The dragon and its rider had gleaming red eyes. Cael felt uneasiness form in the pit of his stomach. The two dark shapes locked gazes with him and Cael could not look away. A sharp nudge brought him out of his trance.

    Zelgius was staring at him with concerned eyes. Are you alright? Your mind seemed to be elsewhere. Cael could tell his dragon was only speaking to him, and his thought speak was not being broadcasted to the others. I sense you feel rattled, is something the matter?

    I saw something in the clouds. Cael explained, and told the dragon what he saw. I have no idea what it was but it wasn’t friendly. Do you think we should tell Master Sepias about it?

    Perhaps after our rounds tomorrow would be the best time.

    Caelum nodded in agreement. He looked over at Fidus, who was deep in conversation with another boy about archery techniques. “Hey, Fidus, Zelgius and I are going to bed now. I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?”

    Fidus smiled and pat his friend on the shoulder. “See you tomorrow, buddy, take it easy!”

Lord of the Skies - Chapter 1
Wow Im posting again, wut????????!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, I will probably go back and edit this later, I just wanted to get this up. Any suggestions are welcome!

Have a lovely day~!
I post a lot of literature. Maybe I should draw more.


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